Vithoulkas Expert System


What Is an Expert System?

An Expert System is a set of rules that reproduces the thinking of an expert in a given field. It not only recalls data with 100% accuracy, it also processes and evaluates that data according to the methods of the expert.

The Vithoulkas Expert System (VES) was created in collaboration with world-renowned master homeopath, George Vithoulkas [biography]. VES duplicates his unique thought process in symptom analysis and remedy selection, working with the Synthesis repertory in RADAR.

VES uses all the principles and understanding that George uses himself, and it does so every second the System is computing. But even more - the computer never gets tired of starting over and over again, and always maintains the same, total precision.

How does VES work?

The Vithoulkas Expert System interprets a homeopath's input to suggest which remedy questions should be asked, and it further orients their study of materia medica.

VES then arrives at just one, possibly surprising, result. That result takes into account ALL the patient's symptoms and is based on a consideration of ALL the remedies - whether they are the better known polychrests or a rare remedy which figures only once in a rubric.

Other programs, even those called an 'expert system', may present you with 10, 20, 30 or even more possible methods for choosing one remedy out of the 100 to 200 proposed.

But these programs do NOT tell you which method to use.
You still have 29 out of 30 chances of choosing the wrong one!

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Going Beyond Human Reasoning

Since the day of its release, VES has been used by hundreds of homeopaths in their day-to-day practice - and from the beginning it has received highly enthusiastic, and even astonished reactions. VES regularly finds real and unexpected cures, even in the most desperate cases.

Andrew Ward, RSHom

"As for the Vithoulkas Expert System, words fail to describe the instruction, learning, precision and results that it leads you to."

This astonishment is commonplace at Mr. Vithoulkas's seminars, where this first-ever homeopathic Expert System consistently demonstrates a high level of accuracy in its remedy suggestions.

In the year of its release, VES gave the correct answer in all cases at the August seminar in Alonissos. It astonished everybody by indicating Kreosotum, which cured the acute toothache of one of the people present.

VES correctly analyzed some extremely difficult cases - illnesses which had already been given several homeopathic remedies and allopathic medicines with no cure. There were times when the program produced suggestions that George had not thought of, and those suggestions proved correct.

No one present at these seminars could remain indifferent in the face of such overwhelming evidence. The word was out -- there is something powerfully different about this homeopathic program.

More Examples of Uncanny Analysis

How was VES created?

A preliminary but essential step for developing VES was the creation of the Synthesis Repertory - the basis of RADAR software. Working with a team of top homeopaths, the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Namur, Belgium spent seven years of painstaking work bringing Synthesis and RADAR to life.

The excellence of their results moved George to step into computerized case analysis and develop his Expert System, building it on RADAR as a base.

Over a period of two years, the team analyzed numerous cases using George Vithoulkas' years of experience with thousands of cured patients.

George Vithoulkas describes the process

"The team of homeopaths and software programmers started by taking a case of mine and asking why I prescribed remedy X and not Z, or T or M. I explained that certain points featured in the case more strongly than other points did.

"They wrote down what I said and then translated my thinking into mathematical formulas. This went on until we had created thousands of rules and sub-rules. Then we worked further to refine each rule until, it was as precise as it could possibly be."

Accurate - Beyond All Anticipation

In fact, the system is so powerful that George Vithoulkas uses it himself. By employing this invaluable tool, his own success in prescribing has increased from the 80% - 85% level to an astounding 90% - 95%.

"On numerous occasions I put the symptoms into the computer and VES will say: Why not consider remedy X?

And then something amazing happens inside my mind - as if lightning has struck. I realize that VES is finding possibilities I had not thought of.

When I investigate the program's suggestion, it turns out to be the simillimum!

I am extremely pleased with VES. It will help any practitioner in the case-taking and case analysis process. "

Further Comments from George Vithoulkas

Profound Flexibility

As a general rule, VES considers mind symptoms to be more important than local ones. But there are cases in which it may ignore such symptoms in favor of some prominent local keynotes. Many different principles and possibilities are used to decide when this particular decision is applied.

You don't have to pre-select particular symptoms before using the Expert System. The VES takes care of this itself by using ALL the symptoms and selecting the most appropriate rubrics.

Every time you add a new symptom, VES re-evaluates the whole case and gives you a full, completely new analysis.

Roger Morrison, MD, Founder Hahnemann College of Homeopathy

Mr. Vithoulkas' work in adapting computerized 'expert systems' to homeopathic case analysis has produced an enormous stride forward.

George Vithoulkas

With all that I have accomplished, I can say that the Vithoulkas Expert System represents the greatest contribution I've made to Homeopathy.