What people say about Dr. Schroyens' Seminars

During some of the seminars the participants were requested to fill out a feedback form. This form contained some specific questions (these answers were converted into a graph) and offered the possibility for general remarks.
These are the questions that you can find in the graph:

  1. The information presented was relevant to my practice and/or contributed to my understanding of homeopathy.
  2. The lecturer was knowledgeable and prepared.
  3. The presentation of the material was well organized, with adequate time for questions and answers.
  4. A good use of time was made. The lectures and the breaks were correctly timed to allow maximum concentration.
  5. Overall satisfaction with the seminar.

For each of these questions there were 5 possible replies, ranging from "very poor (1)" to "very good (5)".
Here are some seminars where feedback was obtained:


"The Language of the Patient": Durban (February 25-26) and Cape Town (March 4-5), South Africa


"The Language of the Patient":Alonissos, Greece; June 10-14, 2004